UPDATE: Or...not.

After Park Bom announced that she was signed to YG sub-label Black Label, the Korean record label now says that the singer is actually not part of the label at all.

According to AllKPop, YG released a statement today following Bom's tweet, explaining, "It's not at all true that Park Bom is going to be with The Black Label led by producer Teddy. She did not sign with The Black Label."

So, what gives? Let's hope Bom clears up her statement soon, so fans can finally get to the bottom of all this confusion.

ORIGINAL STORY: It looks like Park Bom and YG are keeping things in the family after all.

After a flurry of confusion as to whether or not the former 2NE1 member was still signed to Seoul-based YG following the K-pop group's 2016 disbandment, Bom confirmed that she is still within the YG umbrella—specifically, she's signed to Black Label, a sub-label under the record company.

As AllKPop pointed out, on April 29, a fan reached out to the singer on Twitter, asking about the rumor Bom was signed to the sub-label, to which she responded, "Yes, I'm with Black Label."

See below:

Meanwhile, Park Bom fans should (hopefully) expect new music from the K-pop star soon: In late January, Bom announced that a new solo album would be out sometime in 2017.

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