Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a homicide reported Sunday in the lower Yakima valley. Details are sketchy but Deputies say they found a person shot dead after responding to the area near Highway 97 and Progressive road. The person has not been identified and no arrests have been made. No other details were released and it's unknown if Yakama Tribal Police were involved in the investigation.
More details are expected to be released this week.

Detectives are still investigating two other shootings

Detectives continue an investigation after a body was found in a burning car in an orchard near Wapato earlier this month.
An investigation was started when the body was found burned in a car on fire in th 2500 block of Riggs Road. No arrest has been made.

A shooting in Sunnyside last month

Detectives with the the Yakima Valley Special Investigations Unit (YVSIU) continue to investigate an Officer involved Shooting that happened in the City of Sunnyside last month. Officers from the Sunnyside Police Department were called to the 2300 block of East Yakima Valley Highway for a report of shots fired. When they arrive they found a man with a handgun who started shooting at officers. They returned fire and struck the suspect in his hand. The Officers were not injured.
The suspect was taken to Sunnyside Hospital for a treatment of the injury to his hand. He was then booked into the Yakima County jail.

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