Pete Davidson bid farewell to Saturday Night Live last night, but not before he delivered his final parody video. The comedian flipped Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre” for his SNL farewell that featured a surprise appearance from Eminem.

After eight seasons, Pete Davidson made his final SNL appearance on Saturday (May 21) and paid tribute to his boss and show creator, Lorne Michaels, with his parody video called “Forgot About Lorne.” In the clip, Pete flips Dr. Dre’s 2000 track “Forgot About Dre” and runs down (and spoofs) some of Lorne’s achievements in television and film.

Near the end of the video, Eminem makes a surprise appearance and tells Pete to stop making parody videos.

“Pete, what are you doing man. It's another parody, it’s like another tribute or something?” asks the Detroit rhymer. “Yeah, it’s like the third one,” Pete responds.

“I would just stop. They all suck. Just please stop, it’s really bad,” Em candidly tells Pete.

But Pete, confused by Eminem’s critique, explains that he’s only doing them out of love for his music. “Honestly, we do these because we love you so much, Marshall,” he says. “They’re like a tribute.”

But Slim Shady is not having it. He points his finger at the SNL comedian and yells, “Pete, don’t fucking do it again.”

You can watch the clip below.

This was Pete’s fourth and final parody of an Eminem song while he was on SNL. The actor previously did a NFT parody video with Jack Harlow using Em’s song "Without Me"; a black-and-white visual using “My Name Is," and a parody video featuring Eminem called “Stu” in 2020. Watch them all below.

Farewell, Pete Davidson, and thanks for the parodies.

Check out Pete Davidson’s "Forgot About Lorne" parody video below. Fast-forward to the 2:20-mark to see Eminem’s cameo appearance.

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