I received a phone call late last night. I let the machine get it and it was an automated voice saying "Your debit card has been deavtivated. To reactivate it, press 1." I knew it had to be a scam and, after doing some research, I was right.

Here are the red flags that led me to believe it was a scam.

First of all, they called the home phone. I know many don't have home phones anymore because they have cell phones, but I keep a home phone for emergencies and I have a simple philosophy 'I'll never give anyone who can collect a bill my cell phone number'. People who call my home phone are businesses to remind us of appointments and sometimes my wife's friends and parents will call that number assuming we're home.

The fact the scam call came in so late, too, knowing that we would be in bed by then, wasn't trustworthy. No bank would call at 11:30 p.m.

Caller ID didn't display anything. No call back number? I'm not going to trust it.

The biggest red flag was the simple statement they left. They told me my card was deactivated and to press one to reactivate it. Just like they would never email you asking for your information, you should never give your information over the phone, either. If there was a problem they may send you a letter or, in most cases, you'll find out when your card stops working so you simply go to your band to see what's up.

I don't want you or anyone you know to have your personal information hacked so, when in doubt, if you don't trust it, if you have a gut feeling about situations like this, it's best not to follow through with their instructions. Go to your bank as they will know if there are any issues, but don't blindly do it over the phone. Or email.