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Pink Offers To Cover Norway's Women's Handball Team's 'Sexist' Fines

Pink says she is down to pay the fines that the Norwegian women's beach handball team was issued for wearing shorts under their typical bikini bottoms. The team wanted to make a statement by covering up more than usual during the games. As a result, the players were issued a fine of about $177 per player. Although the Norwegian national team has approved the payment, Pink said she's happy to pay the fines and encouraged the team to "keep it up." (via TMZ)

Can You Go a Whole Day Without Looking at a Screen?

Artelac conducted a poll among British adults to see if they could go a day without looking at a screen — and 73 percent admitted they couldn't. Long hours spent looking at a computer, television or smartphone screen has had a negative effect on eye health, with 41 percent of respondents saying that they have experienced severe dry eye since the start of the pandemic. (via Study Finds)

Doritos Pays Teen $20,000 for Finding Special Chip in Her Bag

A teen who found a puffy chip in her bag of Doritos took to TikTok to document her finding. After commenters encouraged her to auction the 3D chip on eBay, offers went up to $100,000... but then the auction was removed from the site. It turns out Doritos contacted the girl, offering to pay her $200,000 for it. (via Complex)

Kanye West Turned Mercedes-Benz Stadium Into a Live-In Studio

After hosting a performance for a preview of his upcoming album, Donda, on Thursday, it seems Kanye has yet to leave the building. According to reports, the rapper has created both a living and a studio space in the stadium, even hiring a personal chef for his time at the venue. He was also spotted at an Atlanta United game on Saturday, wearing the same outfit he wore during his performance two days prior. (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

U.S. Monitoring Travelers Exposed To Monkeypox

After a person exposed to Monkeypox—which is caused by a virus similar to smallpox—arrived in Texas from Nigeria, U.S. health officials are monitoring a group of 200 who could have also been exposed. The CDC is currently working with airlines and health authorities in 27 different states to identify people who were on the same flights. (via The Guardian)

Most People Feel Like an Adult at This Age...

A survey of about 7,000 people found that most people (or 22 percent) first felt like an adult after turning 18. Meanwhile, 15 percent of people felt like an adult before the age of 18. (via YouGovAmerica)

Lea Michele Is Working on a Lullaby Album

Lea Michele is truly embracing motherhood after giving birth to her son, Ever Leo, almost one year ago. The actress-singer will even release a cover album in the form of lullabies this fall. (via People)

Britney Spears Frees the Nip on Instagram

Britney Spears took to Instagram to show off her bod this past weekend, posting a pic of her wearing denim shorts—and only denim shorts—while covering up her breasts with star emojis.

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