There's that special, magical week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day where you're winding down from the chaos of Christmas and getting ready for the new year. Here are some places to go in Yakima during that week off.

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    Most people take that week off of work extending their vacation to a week and a half since we already get two days off reserving for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Since your workload will be light at most places and since many will be gone anyways, what a better time to come in and work on those projects you haven't had the time for.

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    Party Connection

    Getting ready for your New Year's party, the Party Connection will have everything you need to throw a massive, killer party.

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    Valley Mall

    No doubt you'll be stopping by Valley Mall sometime during the week. Not only for your returns, but also to hopefully score some superb, over-stock deals post-Christmas rush.

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    One of the hottest gift items is always video games. Now that you have your new game system, time to get some new games. GameStop can help you with that and have a huge selection of used games, too. Just because someone else played them before you doesn't mean they're terrible. They're new to you. I always buy my games used if they have what I'm looking for in that section.

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    Possibly the best place to go for all of your 50% Christmas items. I'll stock up on candy, items like cookie trays and will even plan ahead and get Christmas clothes for my kids for next year.