Thanksgiving is a time for family. If you're like most, though, you can only tolerate your family in doses. Gotta find some places to go and be by yourself and have some you time to breathe, check Facebook, listen to your favorite song, etc. Here are some places you can hide, if needed.

  • Bathroom

    Probably the easiest place to hide as you can simply excuse yourself and just pretend you're having stomach issues. Go on, take your time.

  • In a Random Closet

    The farther away the closet is, the better. Best to put the long coats in front of you pending someone comes looking for you.

  • Under the Bed

    Probably best to find a bed that nobody is using, obviously. Maybe the bed with all the families coats on it. Nice 'n cozy.

  • Under the Stairs

    If you have a staircase, under the stairs is another great place to get away. Best of all if someone comes looking for you, you'll hear them coming.

  • Garage

    It may be a little chilly, depending on your garage, but it could work as a place to getaway for a few moments.

  • Shed

    Probably colder than the garage, but less likely to be found.

  • Doghouse

    Really? Well, I guess, if you must. Nobody would think to look for you there.

  • Your Car

    Not a bad idea, too. Just say that you have to find something in your car. As it turns out, your sanity is what you're trying to find.

  • On the Roof

    Actually, I wouldn't recommend this. Forget I said anything.

  • Attic

    Getting ready Christmas, you can announce that you're going to find something in the Attic. the trick would be once you're there, stay there.

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