Izzy Bizu is the rising star that you probably haven't heard of yet. But that's okay, because after you listen to her hit single, "White Tiger," you'll feel compelled to add her to your playlists immediately.

Originally from Barnes in southwest London, the 23-year-old singer has supported Sam Smith on his U.K. tour and even recently opened for Coldplay's stadium tour. With optimism in her eyes and soul in her heart, Izzy is one to look out for.

PopCrush had the chance to get to know the singer and learn about her next big moves, below:

How was touring with Coldplay?
Touring with Coldplay was spectacular! We had never played stadiums before, and it was such a lovely calming vibe. We also managed to do a headline show in Miami, where Chris joined us on stage to sing "Someone That Loves You." Well, what can I say? We are all so thankful for this beautiful experience that they kindly shared with us!

Take us back to the moment you found out you were going to support them and tour the U.S.?
I had just set foot in my manager/cousin's house where I'd go every other Sunday to hang and eat dinner, and she said, "I got good news." And I said, "What!?" "Coldplay would like you to join them on tour!” I fell to the ground and cried happy tears.

What did you learn from Coldplay while on tour?
I learned that it is best to be calm, and, I quote from Chris: "Be kind to yourself." After watching them perform night after night, I could see that they do really project to the audience and feed them this beautiful and pure energy. However you feel inside is automatically projected. I practiced that and read an amazing book called Rumi that he gave me with these spiritual poems that just make everything make sense. I highly recommend it!

Best memory of 2017 so far?
The best memory was skating in Omaha behind these massive trucks with my friend, Mika. We did this for an hour until we reached a beautiful lake and swam before soundcheck. The gig was so calming after this!

And my second would be Paris. I just got back, and I spent two beautiful days with old friends, new friends, my French label who are simply adorable and hilarious. I was dancing my butt off while jamming with some very sweet musicians. God! I'm gonna live there one day! I'm a romantic.

What is "White Tiger" about?
"White tiger" is about someone that makes your world stop! They jump [then] you jump. All the things you wouldn't usually do, you'd do it and realize their hunger and fearlessness for life is extraordinary and that you needed that without realizing it!

How do you feel that it's now garnered over 70 million streams on Spotify?
Oh my God! "White Tiger" has that many Spotify plays?! Crazy, I didn't know that... Well now that you have mentioned it, I am over the moon! Thank you to everyone that has enjoyed it. That song came from true love, [someone] who became a very good friend of mine, which makes performing the song even more special to me today!

You've received a lot of praise in the U.K. and are now bringing your music to the U.S. What are three things we should know about you?
Yes, the U.K. has been so lovely to me! Well, when I really like you, I'll take the piss out of you. (Some people think I'm being mean at first but it's a sign of affection.) I am a massive foodie; I love psychology and I'm learning French!

Favorite song to perform from A Moment of Madness?
My favorite song from A Moment Of Madness is “What Makes You Happy.” I laid out all my insecurities on the table and straight up asked what the hell makes you happy! God, I felt relieved after singing that!

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?
Writing more music, a gig in Paris and hopefully a radio tour with you guys in America. I miss you already!

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