On Wednesday night, Rachel Poole, who's nine months pregnant, came to her El Paso home and started a FaceTime call with her husband, who's a soldier deployed overseas. It was a normal evening as the couple prepared for their child's birth, until Rachel was attacked and stabbed from behind.

According to El Paso police, Corey Bernard Moss, a soldier stationed at Ft. Bliss, stabbed Rachel with a stainless steel knife from behind during the call. Moss had allegedly gone to the Poole's home to confront Rachel about money he owed her, and when he discovered she wasn't at home, he broke in and hid. When she began her FaceTime call, he attacked, stabbing her several times.

Poole recognized Moss and began screaming his name, knowing her husband could hear the entire struggle on the phone. Police say Moss beat and stabbed Poole, fled the scene, contacted a coworker for a ride, and returned to Ft. Bliss. Poole's husband, meanwhile, contacted Moss' coworkers, who confronted Moss and found the knife used in the attack.

Luckily, Rachel was able to contact 911, as well, and identify her attacker for the police, who took custody of Moss from the Ft. Bliss Military Police. Moss confessed to stabbing and beating Rachel, who's listed in critical condition, after surgery on broken bones and stab wounds.

Police say the unborn baby is in good condition and Rachel's relatives and her husband are flying to El Paso to take care of the mother and child.

Moss was booked into the El Paso County Detention Center for criminal attempted murder, and is being held on $60,000 bond.

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