Vibe Magazine reportsthat during the extravagant 50th birthday party for First Lady Michelle Obama, the President let loose and was doing The Dougie! There is no video of that because camera phones were forbidden, but it is definitely something we can imagine! How would you have loved to have been a guest at that party!

Guests included: Beyonce, Jay-Z, baby Blue Ivy Carter, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, and more, as seen below from a guest list seen at The White House:

Some of the famous names from the guest list:
Ahmad Rashad
Al Roker
Alonzo Mourning
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett
Ashley Judd
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Billie Jean King
Courtney Vance
Emmett Smith
Eric Holder
Eric Whitaker
Gayle King
Gladys Knight
Grant Hill
Herbie Hancock
James Taylor
Janelle Monae
Jennifer Hudson
Joe Biden
John Legend
Kal Penn
Kathleen Sebelius
Kaye and Wellington Wilson
Laura Ricketts
Magic Johnson
Marian Robinson
Marty Nesbitt
Mary J. Blige
Michael Jordan
Nancy Pelosi
Paul McCartney
Paula and Jim Crown
Penny Pritzker
Samuel L. Jackson
Sasha and Malia Obama
Sheryl Sandberg
Smokey Robinson
Star Jones
Steve Harvey
Stevie Wonder
Susan Rice

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