I heard a lot about the Puppy Bowl especially from my young lady friends on Facebook so I had to investigate "The Puppy Bowl" on the Animal Planet network!

 Puppy Bowl VII Was the Most Successful Sideshow On a Day That Featured Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas

Shortly before the Super Bowl kicked off, I wrote a piece that questioned whether or not Animal Planet's seventh annual Puppy Bowl was actually a better way to pass the time than FOX's Super Bowl pregame show.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but I sided with the puppies.

Indeed, no doubt many of you are of the opinion that the Puppy Bowl is a spectacular waste of time, and the kind of novel entertainment that is just plain annoying.

However, let us not forget that this is Super Sunday. Novel entertainment and spectacular wastes of our time are par for the course. Why else do you think the likes of Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas were invited out to Cowboys Stadium?

Moreover, as far as the ever-important realm of social media is concerned, the Puppy Bowl was a roaring success. As of right now (9:20 p.m. PT), "Puppy Bowl" is still trending on Twitter, despite the fact the telecast wrapped up hours ago.

In short, show some respect. Those puppies (and kittens) may be cheap entertainment, but they're damned effective cheap entertainment.

via Puppy Bowl VII: Packers Dominate Super Bowl, But Puppy Bowl Dominates Internet | Bleacher Report.