When I gave you the "Are You A Grinch" quiz last week, I honestly thought I was going to see that a lot of people out there are bursting at the seams with holiday cheer. It seems that I was mistaken! Turns out that you are surrounded by a bunch of Grinches here in Yakima (and Canada)! HA! Come here and give me a hug!

1. Time for the office Christmas party. Will you be going?

  • No way, Jose! - 68%
  • Yes, looking forward to it! - 32%

2. Your co-workers are putting up Christmas decorations around their cubicles. You will decorate your cubicle with:

  • Glittery garland, candy canes, and some festive wrapping paper - 58%
  • Snark and pettiness - 42%

3. It's Christmas Eve. You are:

  • Putting presents under the tree and playing Christmas music. - 53%
  • Putting a pizza in the oven and playing games on your phone. - 47%

4. One of your favorite Christmas movies is:

  • A Christmas Story - 58%
  • Lethal Weapon 2 - 42%

5. The Grinch who stole Christmas is:

  • Someone who just needs a hug. - 53%
  • My alter ego - 47%

6. Your best friend invited you to their annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. You:

  • Will call in 'sick' - 68%
  • Already have your sweater picked out weeks ago - 32%

7. The receptionist at work asks if you had a great Christmas vacation. You reply:

  • mumble "Uh huh", and keep on walking straight to your desk. - 58%
  • Tell the receptionist about the presents you got, what you had for Christmas dinner, and how much fun you had with your friends and family. - 42%

8. Some co-workers start singing Christmas carols in the hallway. You:

  • Abruptly turn around and walk away as fast as you can before you are seen. - 63%
  • Join in! You even sing in harmony. - 37%

9. The perfect Christmas drink is:

  • Egg Nog, maybe even with a splash of rum. - 63%
  • A Diet Coke. Keep it moving. - 37%

10. The perfect dinner on Christmas Day is:

  • Baked Ham, potato casserole, green beans or asparagus, and perhaps some mashed potatoes. - 63%
  • Chinese food or spaghetti, or perhaps a microwave dinner. - 37%

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