Alex McCord, OG Real Housewife on the Real Housewives of New York City, visited The Big Apple and Bravo studios after a long flight from her home in Australia. McCord, husband Simon van Kempen, and their children have been living Down Under for the past several years. This experience has afforded the couple time to make major career shifts.

study psychology in her new homeland. She graduated summa cum laude with her BA in the subject and plans to attend grad school. This doesn't really come as a surprise, though. Given all the dramatic human interactions involved a Bravo reality show, an interest in what makes people tick is sure to develop!

As for
van Kempen -- McCord's partner in fashion crime and fellow dweller in a red-and-black brownstone any Hot Topic shopper would envy -- well, he's now working toward becoming a lawyer. 

McCord and van Kempen's recent reappearances have ignited Twitter fans' nostalgic feelings toward the couple. Take a stroll down Real Housewives of New York City memory lane with the tweets below.

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