On Reddit, a woman shared that her ex's new girlfriend told her not to bake a cake for his birthday, causing a rift between the two.

The woman explained that in the past, she and her kids had baked a cake for their dad's birthday every year, and this year she wanted to do the same. However, her ex's new girlfriend asked her not to, creating a tense situation.

"My ex doesn’t like sweet stuff but our kids like helping me make a cake for him so I normally make one for him anyway for their sake. This year his girlfriend planned a party for him and she told me she had already ordered him a cake so I didn’t need to make one," the woman wrote via Reddit.

However, since her daughter loves to bake for her dad, the woman decided to instead just make a "small" cake for his birthday, against the man's new girlfriend's wishes.

"My daughter kept asking me when we would make her dad’s cake and was upset when I said we wouldn’t because she assumed I didn’t like my ex and that’s why I wouldn’t make him one. Since the cake has always been more for the kids than for my ex, I decided to just make him a small one since it’s not like he eats cake anyway and I don’t want my kids to think I dislike their dad," the mom continued.

However, when she told the new girlfriend that she had baked a cake anyway, the girlfriend got angry and demanded she not bring it to the party.

The woman tried to offer some reasonable solutions.

"I offered to come early and give it to him before the other guests arrived and then they could put it away and nobody else would know about my cake, but she didn’t agree with me and repeatedly told me not to bring it," she wrote on Reddit.

Ultimately, she decided to bring the cake to the party.

"I did take it with me in the end and now she keeps complaining to mutual friends that I did it on purpose to ruin the party and calling me weird for making him a cake after I was told not to," the woman concluded.

Users rallied behind the woman in the comments, suggesting her ex's new girlfriend might be "insecure" in her relationship.

"Red flag. You were clear the cake was from the kids. The girlfriend is asserting her dominance. Any woman who says her boyfriend can’t have a cake from his kids needs to think long and hard about being with someone with kids. Freaking out over a small cake from the kids 'ruining' a party is ridiculous. She is very insecure," one person wrote.

"She's acting so immature and being jealous of children!" another user shared.

"My guess is that she's insecure about your presence in her new boyfriend's life, and doesn't seem to understand that you can't just be separate from her boyfriend for the sake of your kids," another commented.

"It's not a cake from her. It's a cake from his kids. The girlfriend is weird to be offended by a gift from his kids. If she feels that insecure in the relationship she probably shouldn't be in it," someone else shared.

"It’s just a cake. But, your children knowing that their parents are on good terms despite a divorce is more important than his new [girlfriend's] feelings about her store bought cake. I think your willingness to let her know you were still doing it and offering to bring it at a different time shows it’s not about upstaging her and it’s really for the kids," another person weighed in.

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