A Quinceañera is one of the most important celebrations of a Latinx girl's life: she is celebrating the milestone of turning 15 years old!

I have only been to one quinceañera, and it was a LOT of fun! The birthday girl wore a dress that transformed her into a modern-day princess. Her closest family and friends were there to enjoy this day with her by hitting the dance floor and noshing on delicious cakes, pastries and of course, a full feast of a dinner.

There was a father-daughter dance and a special choreographed dance the birthday girl performed, as well. The DJ was spinning some great beats, playing everything from corridos to banda music, as well as merengue, cumbia and popular "Top 40" hits.

I have a friend who is going to DJ a quince soon and I was asked for my recommendations of some songs to play. As a former professional DJ, there are so many songs to list, but I can recommend at least these five songs that I know people want to hear at this party!

What songs would you suggest?

  • Despacito

    Luis Fonso, Daddy Yankee
  • Suavamente

    Elvis Crespo
  • Quinceanera

  • Azucar

    Kumbia Kings
  • El Tucanazo

    Los Tucanes de Tijuana

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