Finding love may give us comfort, but a sense of safety doesn't necessarily come built-in.

Rié, a Japanese London art school graduate who pulls inspiration from Bjork, The Carpenters and Kate Bush, muses on the complexities of feeling "saved" by a lover on her new single, "Save You."

Off the artist's new Levels EP, out November 3, "Save You" is a pastel wash of dreamy, soulful synth-pop elevated by Rié's smooth, soul-searching vocals.

"I realized from my experience that we are not attracted to each other’s strengths but our weaknesses, and the reason for two people to be together is to simply save each other," Rié shares of the track's poignant message.

"That’s why the other has everything you don’t have, and you have what the other has been missing," she adds. "When you find a soulmate, you feel rescued and saved. But saved doesn't mean safe; it’s only the beginning of the endeavors to face what the future brings... This is not a love song, but a fight song."

Filmed in various areas across bustling Tokyo, the entrancing neon-bathed clip features Rié standing amidst a series of urban backdrops as the camera zooms in and out slowly from her, crowds of people blurring around the singer-songwriter.

"I wanted to express the world of micro and macro in the fascinating labyrinth of Tokyo, as the song starts with a personal perspective then zooms out to a wider view," she explains.

"I teamed up with Keyaki Works, a brilliant production company that I worked with on a previous single called 'St.Martin,' in which I kind of teleported between London and Tokyo. This video is a sequel to that one, shot in numerous locations around Tokyo. We used a time-lapse filming method where I stood absolutely still for nearly an hour in the middle of a stampede of tourists in Harajuku, which was a unique way of observing my home town!"

Watch below:

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