R.I.P., enduring feud between Rita Ora and Calvin Harris — the ex-couple have reportedly settled their differences and are back in a peaceful place.

Ora and Harris, who broke up in 2014, have since been engaged in a mysterious quarrel that marred the release of their joint collaboration "I Will Never Let You Down" (Harris allegedly forbade Ora from performing the song). But that's all apparently in the past, according to The Sunand Ora's now got the green light to take the track to the stage.

"It was such a relief to both of them that they could move on and put things behind them," a source told The Sun. "At the end of the day they had a lot of good times together and it was sad that was tainted by how bitter the split was at times."

Still, the bad blood is not completely cured, the source maintains.

“Things are really good now although they are not so close they’re heading out to dinner anytime soon or anything," the source added.

Ora told Cosmopolitan in 2014 that the breakup was initially amicable, and just a matter of circumstantial details.

“It was the right guy at the wrong time,” she said. “I was about to start a tour, and he was also all over the place. There’s only so much you can do when you don’t see each other. I really admire people who have long-distance relationships. It’s an incredible achievement. I couldn’t do it.”

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