Yes, you read that correctly! CW's Riverdale star KJ Apa performed at Hangout Music Festival on Saturday, May 18.

Though he hasn't made a full-time move to music, he strummed a guitar for a quick guitar-only performance during the festival for a supposed upcoming film. Currently, on Apa's IMDB page under pre-production, he is filming a movie entitled I Still Believe which tells the true story of Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp, who Apa portrays.

Attending the festival with him was his apparent co-star Abigail Cowen. The two posted an Instagram story on the festival's official social media account sharing their excitement for the festival.

They also would go onto introduce the band Walk The Moon for the band's set. On Apa's personal Instagram stories, he shares that he's pals and fans of Walk The Moon who performed after Apa took the stage.

Aside from his guitar performance, he also shared an Instagram story from none other than Jimmy Buffett. Buffett made a surprise performance at the festival with electronic producer Kygo. In the Instagram video, Buffett meets with Apa alongside Kygo and asks about his movie. In the clip, Apa says he's been filming for about five weeks.

Apa plays Archie Andrews on Riverdale - which requires him to sing and play guitar. He's a proven natural at both musical talents.

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