Somehow, Riverdale has made it through essentially The Hunger Games of series cancellations at The CW.

On Thursday (May 12), The CW announced its lineup for the upcoming television season, as well as an onslaught of cancellations for shows such as In the Dark, Legacies (which will conclude The Vampire Diaries franchise), Dynasty, 4400, Charmed, Naomi, Roswell New Mexico, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow.

The CW greenlit Gotham Knights, the Walker spinoff Walker: Independence and the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters.

Riverdale, which has reached Season 6, will continue to air on the network. While the show started out loosely based on the Archie comic book series, it has since moved into uncharted territory with increasingly odd plots ranging from teen speakeasies to fight clubs, and gargoyle kings and possessions, among other bizarre storylines.

Basically, it's all gotten a bit convoluted and some believe the show has overstayed its welcome.

Meanwhile, even the actors seem to want out.

Since the show's inception in 2017, the cast portrayed high schoolers for a handful of seasons. Since then, many Riverdale stars have spoken out about wanting the show to come to a close as they have all grown up.

Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones on the show, told GQ that the majority of the cast want to "wrap it up with a bow."

Camila Mendes, who portrays Veronica Lodge in the series, told Women's Health that she is "eager to break away from Riverdale's stylized characters."

“What’s nice about that is I’m playing an adult — a young, married woman — and not someone in high school,” she told the outlet about her Netflix thriller, Windfall, appearing to shade Riverdale in the process.

Do you think Riverdale should continue on with its wacky storylines or should it wrap up ASAP?

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