Move, bitch: Fear Factor, the show that invited you to watch school teachers swim in blood and amateur models gobble live crab-sized spiders is coming back to TV, and Mr. "Roll Out," himself, is taking over as host.

Yup, Ludacris will front a revival of the early-aughts competition, which will be brought back to life by MTV, according to Variety. The show originally aired from 2001 to 2006 on NBC and featured comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan as host. 

"You already know @FearFactor is gonna be #ludicrous with me as the host!" Luda tweeted after news broke to support from fans, who probably can't wait to watch him tell people to drink bees or whatever.

"Loved that show, can't wait for my 8yr old 2 c it, she gets grossed out at almost insect," one wrote, while another noted "I will watch since you're hosting...until a snake comes on!"

Let's remember some of the other needlessly horrifying things that happened during Fear Factor episodes!

People let leeches suck on them!

People were like: Hey, yeah, I'll lay down in a pit of scorpions!

People were like: Sure, I'll definitely eat some roadkill!

People were like: Let's get going on basically drowning myself!

Fan-Favorite TV Show and Movie Casts Reunited:

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