Following the tragic happenings in Charlottesville, Va., Confederate symbols are being yanked down left and right in protest. While many see these as liberating acts, it has caused a divide with others who still want to hold onto racist relics of the past for some reason or another. Russell Simmons recently weighed in on the controversy, comparing honoring Confederate statues in 2017 to praising the deeds of Adolf Hilter.

Last night (Aug. 19), TMZ spotted Uncle Rush coming out of Tao in Hollywood where he stated his case on the matter. "Hitler lost, we don't have a memorial for Hitler," he said. "We don't have a whole celebration of his effort. His effort was wrong. His intention was bad. It was hurtful. So we don't put up statues of him. In fact any opponents...The South says that, 'What are we going to have to represent the South?' Use the American flag. That's enough," he added.

Russell has been very vocal about politics over the years, especially since Donald Trump made his way into office. Last November, he penned an open letter to then president elect Trump, attacking the Republican’s campaign rhetoric. “Donald, you cannot target a religious group of people,” he wrote. “That is dangerous. You cannot separate families and deport people who have only known this country as their home. That is immoral. Donald, you cannot further militarize the police and empower them to antagonize and terrorize black communities. That is unjust. You cannot wage war against women’s rights. That is disastrous. You must stop with the hateful and harmful language towards women and people of color. That is unacceptable.”

See what Russell had to say about the Confederate statue controversy below.

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