I'm living my best life in the post-Russell Wilson era. I get to clown on the dude (as I always have) and it's no longer taboo. Now that the fanbase seems to have booed, I mean moved on, it's an excellent time to re-evaluate the personality of the former Seahawks quarterback. Once lauded for his pristine image and willingness to talk at length with the media, it seems the cracks are finally showing. Something is going on with Russell Wilson.

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If you ask most fans, the beginning of the end of the Russell Wilson lovefest with Seattle began after the Super Bowl loss against the Patriots. I haven't studied my film enough to make too many statements about it, but it seems to track. I had always thought that Russell Wilson was playing a character on TV. He lived to be corny and it rubbed me the wrong way. He was given a pass, it seems, due to his role as the quarterback of a Super Bowl team, his popularity in Seattle, and his work with children's hospitals.

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In 2015, Russell Wilson claimed that water could heal concussions.

Before the Super Bowl with the Patriots, Wilson had sustained a head injury in the NFC Championship game. Wilson finished the game and then went on to start in the Super Bowl. What was his secret? "It was the water," the quarterback said, referring to Reliant Recovery Water, of which he was an investor. Despite his agent's attempt to divert Wilson's questionable statement, Wilson doubled down, adding "I know it works. Soon you're going to be able to order it straight from Amazon." Yikes.

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Russell Wilson's teammates in Seattle weren't fans of the quarterback.

When the Seahawks defeated Wilson and the Broncos earlier this year, Coach Pete Carroll was asked what it meant to his team. "Eh, you figure that out," was the telling response from the skipper. Leading up to the game that saw Seahawks relentlessly booing him, Russell Wilson struck a pose during warmups that left a weird taste in most people's mouths. With the power of hindsight, what once was just considered corny can now be seen for the weirdness it is, such as this hot mic moment from the 2019 season. While on the surface it's not as bad as Jameis Winston's "eating W's" or Trevor Lawrence's uninspired "let's play with some swag," it just doesn't hit for me. It doesn't seem genuine, as if it's been rehearsed. It's not recent, either. In 2014, reports surfaced of Seahawks teammates not completely gelling with their signal-caller.

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Russell Wilson has only gotten weirder since joining the Denver Broncos.

Admittedly, I'm not a TikToker so I'm thankful for NFL meme accounts on social media pointing me in the direction of weird Russell Wilson content. I'm under the impression nobody is pulling Wilson aside saying, "Dude. Too much." From "Broncos Country, let's ride," to the weird video he posted bragging about consummating his marriage to Ciara, there is a lack of filtering. I'm not complaining because it gives me freaky content like this Subway video where he talks about being dangerous and uses the "I'm totally not psycho" voice. Behold.

@dangerusswilson Duet this. IF YOU DARE. And get my Dangerwich @Subway #SubwayVault #PassTheSub #foodtok ♬ original sound - Russell Wilson

What the hell?

Or this classic where he develops a New York accent all of a sudden.

@dangerusswilsonFriday Night Picks w/ the Homies + @Ciara ‘s Matcha Häagen-Dazs♬ original sound - Russell Wilson

If you ask some Seahawks experts, Russell may have just been a goofy guy whose marriage to a superstar like Ciara forced him out of his comfort zone. Maybe he started believing his own hype. Maybe he's too insulated from the real world and protected from scrutiny. Whatever the case, Russell Wilson is a bit of a weird one.

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