What's in a name? Plenty.

There's a band based out of Seattle, Washington, whose name really tells you everything you'll need to know about what to expect when they invade the Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima, Washington.

Seattle-Based 'Polyrhythmics' at The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima

Polyrhythmics is a Seattle-based original 8-piece rhythmic dance music band with a blend of funk, soul, psychedelic rock, R&B, jazz, and Afrobeat. If you like to move more than just a tapping toe, then this energetic group is for you.

The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima welcomes this powerful Northwest band on Thursday, March 9th at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the Seasons box office as well as online HERE. Enter to win a pair by filling out the form below.

How to Become a Member of The Seasons and Help Support The Arts

Have you considered becoming a member of The Seasons? If not, please do. All during the month of March, the Seasons is campaigning to get as many supporters signed up, and there are plenty of benefits to those who do.

It's easy, just visit the website and get choose the level of membership/sponsorship that suits you, your family, or your business.

Check Out Polyrhythimcs Video

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