Selena Gomez had some celeb inspiration for her fragrance, but despite the kiss prints and purple bottle that evoke images of boyfriend Justin Bieber, he wasn’t behind it. It was actually the Olsen twins!

The starlet launched her fragrance, aptly named Selena Gomez, on Wednesday and revealed that the former ‘Full House’ starlets propelled her to create her own signature scent. “I’ve always wanted to [create my own fragrance] since Mary-Kate and Ashley [Olsen] had their little body sprays — I loved those and was obsessed with them,” she told Us Weekly. Perhaps they also inspired her to start a fashion line, too!

So why did Sel name her scent after herself instead of opting for a more abstract name (you know, like ‘Someday‘)? She explained, “It’s called my name, because I didn’t want to get all philosophical with my first one,” she said. “I wanted it to be representing me so it’s really fun, very sophisticated and also fruity. The only way I can describe it is yummy!”

Fans chose Gomez’s fragrance, which has a vanilla base note, freesia heart and raspberry top note. Gomez said having fans select the scents was an easy decision for her. “They’re the ones wearing it, so I trust them — their opinions and everything that they’ve done for me.”

Selena Gomez (the fragrance, not the starlet!) will hit shelves at Macy’s in May and will also be available at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Ulta, Bonton and SSI this August.

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