When Selena Gomez said she wanted to take on more challenging film roles, she wasn’t kidding. The ‘Who Says’ singer was thisclose to snagging the title role in a remake of the horror classic ‘Carrie.’

In the film, based on a story by Stephen King, Carrie is tormented at home by her own mother and at school by her peers. When she develops telekinetic powers, she pretty much goes all out in exacting her revenge. It’s a hard role to picture Gomez in, though she does fit the portrait of the sweet, innocent, put-upon Carrie from the early stages of the story.

The role wound up going to ‘Kick-A–’ starlet Chloe Moretz, who bears a striking resemblance to the young Sissy Spacek of the original, but Hollywood Life reports that Gomez was considered for the part.

Don’t feel too bad for Sel, though. She’s been keeping busy filming ‘Spring Breakers’ in Florida, in which she plays a hard partying coed who lands herself in a whole lot of trouble with her girlfriends — and she’s been having a good time hanging with her pals on and off set!

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