This year's high school seniors will, no doubt, move on and do great things. I was thinking about what it was like to be a senior in high school back in 1995 and everything that happened from when I was born in 1977 (the year Star Wars and the Atari 2600 was released) to my senior year and everything that happened. The same can be said for this year's seniors. Here are a few facts to make you feel old.

If you figure most would've been born in 1998 - 1999:

  • Many would have still in in diapers when 9/11 happened.
  • They were born when The Matrix, The Green Mile, American Beauty and Fight Club were in theaters.
  • They were born when the Sega Dreamcast came out.
  • When they were born, people started collecting Pokemon.
  • Their birth may have been contributed, or with help, to the new Viagra pill.
  • They were born when SpongeBob SquarePants debuted.
  • Feel old yet?