When someone grows a mustache, all of society benefits, since the visually pleasing facial hair is now on display for all to see. Yet the costs of maintaining a proper lip sweater falls only on the mustachioed individual.

The fine folks at the American Mustache Institute want to change this. So they recently proposed the “Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses,” or the STACHE ACT, which awards a $250 tax credit to every mustached American. They are also calling for a Million Mustache March in support of the act that will take place in Washington DC on April 1st. (Yup, always a bit suspicious.)

The AMI, who partnered with H&R Block on the proposal, even  drew up a white paper on why the STACHE act is necessary. Here is its summery:

In summary, the grooming habits of Mustached Americans are a clear example of financial, social and environmental responsibility—the triple bottom line. It is appropriate that Congress allow a limited number of deductions to people of Mustached American heritage in recognition of the value that their lifestyle provides to the economy, to society, and to the environment.

Of course since we are talking mustaches, you’re probably wondering what John Oates thinks of all of this. And yes, Daryl Hall’s more hirsute half did weigh on The STACHE act, which he whole-heartily supports. Check Hall’s explanation below.

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