Vine! It's a popular thing the kids are doing.

In just a mere six seconds, singer-songwriters have shot to superstardom (Shawn Mendes, anyone?), aspiring actors have scored guest roles on TV shows, sassy sayings have turned into best-selling ringtones (and death drop-ready vogue remixes), problematic prepubescent boys have become problematic prepubescent national heartthrobs and so, so many #relatable jokes have been stolen from Tumblr and turned into memes. It's messy. It's hilarious. It's awful. It's a tiny mirror held to our increasingly impatient, instant gratification-loving society.

The Vine Popular page repopulates with new Vines in the blink of an eye: You're a hit one day, deeply irrelevant the next. And so, we're taking a look at what's racking up the views at the moment — from the shocking, to the hilarious, to the Lebron James.

So let's dig up what's been going on 'round the Vine universe this week, shall we?

Jessica Vanessa
2.9+ million loops

YouTube make-up tutorials. They always make it seem so easy, don't they? Next thing you know, you're sitting in the ER because of incident involving an eyelash curler. Jessica supplies the all-too-relatable truth behind trying to emulate the work of these impossibly flawless beauty gurus in a split-second comparison. Expectation, meet reality.

Sunny Mabrey
191K+ loops

Sunny Mabrey is one of Vine's more legitimately funny talents, whether making light of life's little mundanities or expertly mocking Southerner shade. Here, Sunny exposes the supposed joy of amusement parks for what they actually are: An endless amount of waiting for a half-second thrill. It's like a metaphor for life too, right?

Us The Duo
384K+ loops

Like Shawn Mendes, Us The Duo — a duo, in case that wasn't clear! — found IRL fame with their sweet acapella covers. Their latest split-second take, this time on AlunaGeorge's "You Know You Like It," is just another tiny serving of what they're capable of doing.

218K+ loops

Remember that infuriating/iconic Education Connection jingle? Jordanusrey sure does, and she's giving it a 2015 makeover with her incredible whip/nae nae moves, two of the most inescapable, driven-into-the-ground dance moves on all of Vine. She doesn't seem to be too amazing of a dancer as the commenters have pointed out — but then, we're thinking that's the point.

Ghetto Vines (stolen from someone, presumably)
3.7+ million loops

One of Vine's latest viral sayings? "WHATARETHOSEEEE?" It's basically used when you call someone out for having terrible footwear — and even Katy Perry's getting in on the action. Here, a basketball player who takes a tumble masterfully turns his tragedy into triumph with a perfectly timed observation.

26.3K+ loops

Despite housing some of the most technically gifted acts on Vine, the "Art" section of Vine usually gets shafted on the Popular page in favor of One Direction edits and stolen memes. (Shocking, I know.) The super talented Pinot demonstrates what happens when your Apple product mysteriously stops interacting with your computer in one cute animation.

2.4+ million loops

VidCon is the celebration of all things Internet celebrity, and is generally considered to be the Holy Mecca by some — and the Seventh Circle of Hell for others. Evidently, not everyone is #TeamInternet! Vine personality Packie demonstrated over the weekend that even bible-thumping protestors have a soft side for celebrity. Selfie-ness is next to godliness!

jccay <3
629K+ loops

A cat to the Internet is like catnip, a cat. And what could be better than a cat's dramatic stare-down with the cat staring back in the mirror? Nothing. Cats!

1.2 million loops

Also popular on Vine? Twins! Especially cute twins. And if those cute twins can dance? WATCH OUT NOW. At nearly a million followers, Twinbotz — twin brothers Lucas & Marcus — like to show off their skills, usually by jumping off of each other or something. Also, they're probably making more money than you by doing this. Okay!

Jack and Jack
6.8 million loops

A trifecta of Vine domination and/or terror: Jack, one half of Jack & Jack (a brother duo that is steadily building steam for a legitimate music career amongst tweens), Jake Foushee and the most popular Viner of them all, Nash Grier. Here, they demonstrate their impressive ability to "act" like major tools while courting the ladies. Incredible acting skills, or just a very slightly exaggerated expression of their natural being? You decide!

Welp, that'll do it for now. Tune in next week for our next round-up of Vines!

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