Though Sigrid hails from a tiny fishing village on the Western coast of Norway, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter's anthemic "Don't Kill My Vibe" became somewhat of a global phenomenon this year, acting as a universal battle cry against would-be vibe killers all over the world.

Featuring the emerging artist's euphoric vocals over a magical, tinkling soundscape of dizzying synths, earthy bass and driving hip hop beats, the instantly memorable release quickly became one of the most contagious breakouts of 2017—and the pop clap-back to end all pop clap-backs.

In May, the pop star delivered her debut EP, Don't Kill My Vibe, via Island Records, following up on the success of its titular single with an equally catchy medley of bops and ballads, from the triumphant "Plot Twist" to the earnest, effervescent "Dynamite."

Jena Cumbo
Jena Cumbo

With a mere handful of official releases logged, Sigrid—with her prodigious command of melody and effortless ability to pen a catchy chorus—proves that quantity's got nothing on quality when it comes to pop. That said, let's hope she doesn't slow down her roll any time soon.

Below, Norway's rising pop princess gets real about her favorite music hooks, fan memes and what really kills her vibe.

So many people have called "Don't Kill My Vibe" the song of summer 2017. What was the moment like when you had the track finally mastered and ready to go out into the world? Did you know you had a hit?
I remember when I walked out of the studio, and yes—I did feel like Martin [Sjølie] had I made a special song, but I never thought we would get as positive a response as we did!

What's the catchiest or most memorable song you've ever heard?
Oh! “Sorry” by Justin Bieber or "Issues" by Julia Michaels. I listened to it for like, six months straight.

What was the music scene like in the town you grew up in? What sort of inspiration did you find there?
There's not a huge music community in Ålesund but there are some really good artists, like Mikhael Paskalev and my own older brother. Tellef Raabe. Momentium, a company who runs three Ålesund music festivals, Ocean Sound Recordings studio and now a brewery have all been really important to me. They're like my second family.

Jena Cumbo
Jena Cumbo

Where do you begin when you launch into the songwriting process? Does it start with a lyric? A melody? A beat?
It depends! But most often a vocal hook. I just really enjoy humming.

You recently got an incredible co-sign from Lorde. Are there any other artists who you would freak out if you knew they liked your music?
Yeah, that was cool. I really like her music! It's funny because I was listening to her music while making my EP.

What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't making music?
I'd most likely be at the university studying to become either a lawyer (with a specialty in human rights or music) or a teacher (in politics, Norwegian, English or history).

Who are the pop stars you looked up to as a kid?
I didn't look up to only pop stars, but I did look up to Adele, Amy Winehouse, Grimes, Robyn, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, M.I.A., Coldplay, Keane and more.

Jena Cumbo
Jena Cumbo

What are some things that can actually kill your vibe?
It kills my vibe when cats don't wanna cuddle!

Speaking of cats, I heard you used to have a band with your sister called Dead Cat. Is that true?
Ha ha! Yes, we did have a band, but it wasn't called Dead Cat! We were named Sala Says Mhyp. My sister's job does not involve music, but she is an amazing singer and songwriter.

What's something really unusual or surprising that fans may not know about you?
I can't really think of anything surprising about me right now, but I guess social media only gives you a glimpse of someone's real life, and I can't share every part of my life; I need some private life, too! But since we're talking fans: I'm so honored and humbled to have that amazing support from my fans, they're the best! And they're so damn funny. I love their memes.

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