We have Beer festivals, Wine festivals, Beer and Wine festivals and a lot more. Sure, that always draws a crowd but I'd love to see some other festivals in Yakima. Here's a few I'd love to see.

  • Bacon Festival

    Get a lot of people together to make the best bacon in Yakima. Yes, bacon festivals are a real thing.

  • Doughnut Festival

    What a better way to celebrate one of my favorite foods. There are so many things you can do with doughnuts it'd be fun to see others creativity.

  • 90s Festival

    Doesn't have to be anything more than just live 90s bands and stuff that was trending in the 90s like wearing flannel around your waist, drinking Fruitopia and whatever else was going on in the 90s.

  • Finger Food Fest

    All of the vendors all bring things that are bite-sized.

  • Video Game Festival

    They do have conventions that honor video games from past and present in Seattle and Portland but I think we could have on here in Yakima, too.

  • Dude's Expo

    We have women's expos annually -- why not one for guys? Just feature hunting, fishing, cars and other stuff that guys like.

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