If you want to have the kind of car insurance that protects you from crazy expensive deductibles to replace broken windows and the like, then listen up!

Drivers beware:Just the other day, there was a string of cars getting their windshields smashed in West Valley, did you hear about that? One of those families in the West Valley car vandalism attacks (whose back window got annihilated) sadly found out they have to pay $600 to replace their broken back windshield. YIKES!

Just a few weeks ago, my own car was a victim of burglary. Some neighborhood criminal had apparently used a heavy-duty flashlight to bust my driver's side passenger window and they stole my vehicle registration, car manual (and later, I discovered they stole my cell phone audio adapter). THE JERK! As you may imagine, I was petrified and frightened for several days that whoever had vandalized my car would come back to break into my home, now that they knew my address. Fortunately, no one has tried to break in my apartment, but you still never know.

Back to my story! When I discovered my car had been vandalized, I immediately called 9-1-1 for help. The dispatcher told me to fill out a report online with the Yakima Police Department. I then called up my car insurance company to alert them. Thank goodness, Jodell at McKinney Autoglass (221 S 1st St) is hooking my window up because my car insurance policy covers broken windows with NO DEDUCTIBLE.

No matter what car insurance provider you have, you need to review your comprehensive insurance, says insurance expert, Angie Martinez at the Eric Silvers State Farm Agency (1 N 9th St) in Yakima. By law, all Washington state drivers must have Liability insurance on their cars, but Angie says that for an average of $30 to $50 extra a month, you can get Comprehensive insurance that will give you a ZERO DOLLAR deductible. Angie also says that at her agency, Comprehensive car insurance covers not just windshields, but also fire, theft, and vandalism! I highly recommend you spend the extra money to get this coverage for your car, whether it's a "hooptie" like mine or an Audi A7, like the car of my dreams!

The next time some creep decides to smash your car windows, if you have Comprehensive car insurance, your wallet will be protected, as well as your peace of mind. Ahhh!

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