When Woody Harrelson was revealed to be hosting ‘SNL’ just a few days before the new ‘Hunger Games’ movie was set to open in theaters, it was obvious that the massively popular franchise would, somehow, figure into at least one sketch. Surprisingly, that ended up being the opening monologue, which featured Harrelson performing his own version of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989.’ With a little help from some friends.

It actually starts off fairly dire. Harrelson takes the stage, claims that he knows more about the year 1989 than Swift ever will and begins to sing his own version of the song, changing the lyrics to represent his version of the events of that year (which is occasionally accurate). Harrelson is game enough, but the jokes are fairly easy and, well, not particularly funny. However, it’s all just part of a grand set-up for Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence to join him on the stage, who all proceed to make a whole bunch of weed jokes and assist him with finishing the song.

The sketch never achieves true hilarity (the highlight is definitely Harrelson thinking that Lawrence is actually Taylor Swift because, you know, drugs), but it’s pleasant enough. Watching these four together outside of the context of a ‘Hunger Games’ movie is charming and a great treat for fans. Harrelson and Lawrence seem to be having a good time in particular. Plus, it confirms our wildest suspicions: Hutcherson is as short as he looks.

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