At ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, one of the men who knew Jax Teller best dished on what it was like to film Charlie Hunnam in a Sons of Anarchy sex scene.

"You can shoot him from any angle, but you gotta get the tat on the back, you gotta get the ass," said SOA Director Paris Barclay.

Why yes! Yes, you do!

Barclay elaborated on the best bits (pun intended) of directing the sex scenes with Hunnam.

"He's entertaining when he's doing a sex scene, because he's not — how do I say it nice? — he's not shy. He's not precious, and he turns his attention to whoever his partner is and makes sure they're comfortable," Barclay said.

Is anyone else suddenly feeling warm? Phew!

Barclay explained that, "On network television, you can't show nipple, you can't show side-breast." Hence all of the beautiful, beautiful shots of Hunnam's backside. Thanks, TV regulations! "You have to assume that on those days we're pretty much just chuckling, because it's all choreography. It's a crazy-ass dance with pasties on."

The best kind of dance, of course.

Before you go Googling GIFs of Hunnam's bottom for old time's sake, just take the following gem with you. Barclay straight-up giggled when he said, "If I'd see there's going to be a sex scene, I'd know it's going to be hilarious; I know there's going to be a long conversation about Charlie's sock."

Hmm, wonder how Hunnam felt about his sock-sporting scenes?

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