Soulja Boy's attempt at apologizing for his recent viral rant against New Jersey and people who chose $250 in food stamps over having dinner with him in a hypothetical scenario ended up turning into another threat-filled diatribe.

On Monday (March 27), Soulja Boy attempted to right his wrongs by apologizing for his previous tirade.

"I’m going live right now to shout out to all my fans in New Jersey," Soulja said at the 7:45-mark of the video below. "I feel like yesterday I overreacted on the video. I ain’t even watch the video. I just seen the caption that n*ggas was putting and I went live and went off."

Things quickly went left when someone in the comment section told Soulja Boy he was banned from The Garden State.

"See, look, I’m trying to be nice. Talking ’bout 'You banned from New Jersey.' Aye, n*gga, f*ck New Jersey, n*gga. We gonna come and blow that sh*t up. That’s what I’m saying, man. I’m done trying to apologize, I’m done trying to talk about this sh*t. Suck my d*ck, n*gga. F*ck New Jersey, n*gga. And f*ck all y’all fans. Suck my d*ck, n*gga.”

Soulja Boy continued: "Every time I try to come on here and apologize and keep it right… F*ck New Jersey, n*gga. We’ll come blow that sh*t up. We’ll come shoot that sh*t up. Y’all ain’t got sh*t. Y’all n*ggas broke. F*ck y’all, n*gga. I’m done apologizing. F*ck Jersey, I’m standing on it. Suck a d*ck."

This whole thing started when New Jersey based Instagram page 856 Entertainment shared video of them polling people on the street and asking if they would rather get $250 in food stamps or have a meal with Big Draco. Everyone chose the EBT contribution, which Soulja Boy took major exception to and blasted all involved, including New Jersey, in a now-viral video.

Soulja Boy recently made headlines for being one of several celebrities charged with crypto violations by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

See Video of Soulja Boy's Apology Descending Into Chaos Below

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