You might have seen the Mikel Knight tour bus and vans at the Orchards Shopping Center today, or you might see it driving around town today -- or even a year from now. He claims to be a country rap king (whatever that is). Either way, stay away from this guy like the plague. According to reports, he has been arrested on several charges in the past, including harassment, theft and assault.

Basically, he hires a street team to sell CDs in various parking lots throughout the country. The team has a very aggressive approach to selling, so they shouldn't be approached at all. In fact, they might not even have a permit to legally sell their stuff in these parking lots. They've been arrested for several solicitation violations.

It reminds me of the traveling tonic salesman from the Old West. The traveling salesman was selling a mixture of random ingredients claiming to cure cancer, cure blindness, give you the strength of an ox and so on. Same notion, different era.

Several articles tell similar stories about this artist and the street team. There's even an awareness page on Facebook. Best just to stay away.

Firsthand account:

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