Stevie Wonder is back on the block and he’s proud of it. On Wednesday (Dec. 21), the music legend had a street renamed after him in his hometown of Detroit just blocks away from the Motown Museum.

Wonder and his family as well as Mayor Mike Duggan was on hand to unveil the new street name. Originally named Milwaukee and Woodward avenue, the street has now been christened Stevie Wonder Avenue, much to the delight of the crowd in attendance at the ceremony.

During his speech, the 66-year-old piano man spoke of unity and the rebuilding of Detroit that’s currently taking place.

"In this city and even in this state, which is a red one now, you can't let the color of a state define who you are," he said (quotes via MLive). "You can't let negativity define who you are, and you can't let hatred and ignorance define who you are."

As the crowd joyously celebrated the street renaming, they would randomly sing tunes from Wonder's expansive discography. The legendary musician would later joined the crowd in singing "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" before cutting it short.

"Just wanted y'all to know I could still sing," he joked.

Before the event, Wonder spoke at the Motown Museum and expressed gratitude toward his beloved city of Detroit. "I never imagined that in my lifetime this honor would be bestowed upon me," he said. "I didn't, but God did. I am so thankful and filled with gratitude that the city where I grew up would give me a forever moment - a moment that is captured on Milwaukee Street and in my heart. I am overjoyed."

Stevie Wonder Talks About His Street Naming Ceremony in Detroit

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