As you know, I've been actively looking to buy a house for the very first time and the Buyer's Agent has been helping me out with listings. Since I have a special needs child, we met my our doctor to help us on what type of house we should find for safety reasons. Combining everyone's help, I'm sure we'll find our dream home soon.

Were as finding a house, when you're in the market, can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. For us it's taken a few months because we have to have safety in mind. Here are the criteria we need and what else we'd like

3 bedroom, minimum
1.5 bathroom, minim
ground level (no stairs)
No swimming pool - as much as I'd love one, we can't risk it.
No swimming pool next door - too many stories about autistic kids climbing over the fence and drowning
Fenced back yard for the kids
Yakima school district because our son is getting great help and is already enrolled.

We'd like to have central air and a garage, but those aren't dealbreakers.

The nice thing with working with the Buyer's Agent is they send me listings all the time of the latest houses on the market through the MLS. I scan through them. If they don't fit what I'm looking for, I don't need to see them. Every so often a house will pop up where, with a quick text or phone call, I can look at that house inside and out in a matter of moments. Very cool.

So, wish me luck on my search. I'm feeling really good that we'll find something soon. After all, I need room for all my video games!

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