Yakima only has a couple of stores that have a self-check lane, being Fred Meyer and Walmart. Albertsons on 40 and Summitview used to until they removed it and now the store is closing down. Here is a list of stores I would love to have a self-check lane.

And before I go on too much further, I understand that if there aren't lanes, then that may mean less employees. I get that. However, I'm just trying to get my one or two items and get out so I'm more apt to shop at stores that do have this service. Especially on days where my social anxiety is maxed out and I need to buy things but don't want to interact with anyone.

  • Safeway

    The Safeway stores in Seattle have self-check lanes, why not Yakima?

  • Target

    If Walmart has them, Target can, too!

  • ShopKo

    Because sometimes I just need to buy something (like shoes) and be on my way. I'm almost always stuck behind someone buying 1,000 items where each one is on sale and each must be scanned separately.

  • Most Gas Stations

    Although I usually am in and out of gas stations in a timely manor, sometimes I'm stuck behind the person asking about each scratch ticket or questioning why they're not able to buy Monster Energy Drink with their EBT (true story).. It'd be convenient if I could just grab a drink and a bag of chips and be on my way.

  • GameStop

    I don't want to buy an extended warranty, I'm not a VIP member and don't need to be, I don't need a strategy guide, just let me buy my video game and get out without being oversold on stuff I promise you I don't need.

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