The minds behind CBS’ Supergirl have time and time again downplayed the likelihood of Kara meeting up with Arrow or The Flash, but that hasn’t stopped producers from at least considering the crossover. To wit, The CW and CBS will decide this month if Supergirl might cross over to Barry and Oliver’s world before the current season’s end.

Take this one with at least a few grains of salt for now, but Entertainment Weekly had a chance to speak to DC TV mastermind Greg Berlanti of the long-desired crossover, who revealed that plans and negotiations would have to finalize in the next month to bring Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl together this season:

I would love it, a lot of things would have to go right and people would have to say ‘Yes.’ It would have to figured out very soon. It would all have to be figured out in the next month or so. As it remains right now we’ve talked internally about how cool it would be, but we haven’t had official conversations. [The CW chief Mark Pedowitz] is supportive.

Last we heard, Flash and Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg questioned the legality of any such crossover, including among the time-hopping Legends of Tomorrow, while Berlanti himself also shot down rumors of a Flash appearance in National City. Should a crossover ever actually occur, it might make more sense for The Flash to drop by Supergirl, given the former’s exploration of parallel Earths, and the latter’s establishment of Superman as its realm’s only major hero.

Granted, Berlanti makes clear that no official conversations have taken place, though it’s at least of interest that the three series consider next month a deadline, suggesting some internal discussion of how to shift production plans. A “break in case of crossover,” if you will, a contingency to shift each series’ story arcs.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground, but might CBS and The CW work out a Supergirl-Arrow-Flash crossover in time for this season? Perhaps next?

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