Video that shows T.I. questioning an officer inside a Henry Country jail about why he was arrested yesterday following a dispute with the security guard outside of his residential community has surfaced.

The video obtained by TMZ, shows Tip (who also serves on the Atlanta mayor's transition team) calmly questioning the officer why he was arrested. The cop responds the 38-year-old rapper was arrested because he was "acting a fool," which T.I. disputes, pressing for further clarification.

The officer really never answers Tip's question, which he points out, and says that T.I. just never should have come back to the gate to question the security guard. Tip says he had every right to come back since he pays millions of dollars for a home in that community and is a tax paying citizen.

In the end, the officer tells Tip he can make his arguments in court, which T.I. agrees will have to be the case. As was reported yesterday, T.I. was arrested in the early morning hours on Wednesday (May 16), after a dispute with a security guard.

T.I. was trying to get to wife, Tiny's house on around 4 a.m. but didn't have his key. That's when T.I. and his friend allegedly got into an argument with a security guard in the gated community who wouldn't let him in.

Eventually, Tip was let in, but then allegedly returned to the security shack and got into another argument with the guard. The police were then called, and they arrested T.I. Henry County Police charged T.I. with simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. Although he was arrested for assault, T.I. didn't make physical contact with the security guard. Under Georgia law, if a person fears being hit during a dispute, a person can be charged with assault. The guard told authorities he feared that the argument would get physical.

You can watch the video of Tip speaking with the officer below.


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