lauryn hill

Going solo
See which artists decided to go the solo route after making hits in a group.
But it's none of my business ...
We've taken it upon ourselves to share a few of wild thoughts that we're sure every hip-hop and R&B fan has had during 2015 but never said. Feel free to send your hate mail, but as they say, honesty is the best policy.
Tuning up for the presidency
Nas provides insight into taking over the world and Nicki Minaj does what she does best -- reminds Clinton of the power of the female spirit. Here are 10 Songs That Will Carry Hillary Clinton to the White House.
Lauryn Hill dismisses fan
Lauryn Hill is known for speaking her mind. So when a fan in Chicago called her out for not only being extremely late to her own performance but also doing a poor job onstage last week, the singer went in.

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