Nothing Says Love Like A Face Tattoo
Ok, you have to know I am joking because C'MON!  A face tattoo?  Lesya Toumaniantz from Russia let a man tattoo practically her entire face, and not only was it a tattoo - but his name!
Rouslan Toumaniantz, met his new canvas in an online chat room and less than 24 hours later...
Facebook-Obsessed Couple Names Their Baby ‘Like’
An Israeli couple recently named their newborn daughter "Like," as in, the button you press when you enjoy a post on the popular social media site Facebook.
This is how the girl's father, Lior Adler, explained the name to the German press agency dpa:
"If once people gav…
The Horse named “Arrrrr”
And you hated your parents for giving you a stupid name? One of the best things about horse racing is they have the most creative names. Sometimes stupid, but in this case, awesome. This race features a horse named "Arrrrr" - as in, what a pirate says...