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Rhode Island Mom Goes Berserk and Attacks News Crew
On Tuesday, an enraged mother in Providence, Rhode Island attacked a news crew when they showed up to interview her about the shooting of her daughter at a graduation party. As a result, she was charged with two counts of felony assault. So much for breaking the cycle of violence.
Best News Bloopers of 2012
One of my most favorite type of videos on YouTube are the ones of news bloopers. Ones where they're video-bombed from the background, ones where they say the wrong words, ones where they can't stop laughing - I love'em all. In case you missed any from 2012, here are the best news bloo…
Bomb Explodes Near Anderson Cooper in Live Video
This is why Anderson Cooper is the best at what he does. He's broadcasting live from Geza, bomb explodes in the background and comments on it. If I were there, I'd take off my mic and say, "Well, this is when I never do this ever again," and retire.
This News Blooper Is Great for a 10 Second Laugh
This video has all the things we love. It's blissfully short. It will make you laugh. It strongly highlights the importance of correct punctuation. Because when you don't insert commas and periods where they're needed, sometimes you accidentally tell people your coworker was murd…
Live Press Conference Attendees Almost Hit By Bus [VIDEO]
The best part about watching live television is the slight possibility that at any moment, things could go awry. Steve Rosenthal is a representative of Rock Gaming and he was in the middle of doing a press conference regarding a construction accident that happened at his casino, when suddenly he was…