Road Rage! Which Yakima Intersections Drive us Nuts?!
Here in the Yakima Valley, we're blessed with comparatively brief and uncomplicated commutes between work, home, shopping, and whatever our daily trips include. Having lived in Seattle, I would feel foolish about complaining about how bad traffic is. Yet, I do complain, and I hear others doing …
Who Will Be Next In Line for the COVID Vaccine?
Beginning March 22 in Washington state, the DOH says pregnant persons and people in agriculture, certain elements of the vast food industry, prisons, public transit services, first responders, and those who work in large groups as "high-risk critical workers" will be next in line to get th…
Five Things Washingtonians Say Incorrectly.
We Washingtonians don't have a natural accent. At least, we don't think that we do. When someone relocates hear from a part of the country where distinct accents are prevalent, it only makes sense those folks would their accent with them.

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