Stars are just like us: they get embarrassed too!

During a recent appearance on The Late, Late Show With James Corden, Dave Grohl recalled a party he had attended at Sir Paul McCartney's house that went awry.

"Paul got up and started playing this song on piano and it was a new song and it was amazing just to sit in this living room and watch him play piano," the Foo Fighters front man explained. "And he finished and everyone turned to me and was like, 'Alright, Dave, play a song!'"

"I can't play piano. And I was a little out of sorts at that point, and all the guitars are left-handed. I'm like, 'Oh my god, what do I do? What do I do?'" he continued. Thankfully, Taylor Swift was there to (unknowingly) save the day. Right at that moment, Taylor Swift stands up and she goes, 'I'll do a song.' And so she saved my ass!"

The pop star even played one of his songs.

"She was playing the Foo Fighters song 'Best of You' on piano. It was like one of those nightmares where you're running backwards and you can't and everything was just...I kind of just slumped down like 'Oh god'...But it was so beautiful! It sounded so great! So then I got up next to her and started singing along; singing with her, because I sang it the way I sing it, which is [mostly screaming]."

Watch the full interview below.


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