An overzealous Taylor Swift fan was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, May 15, after swimming up to her new digs in Rhode Island.

The unnamed dude, a 22-year-old Chicago native, made the long, cold journey to Swift's home, but was scared away by her security team and decided to turn around.

He was spotted by cops exiting the water around 2 a.m., about a mile from Taylor's new $17 million dollar estate, and told police he had swam there intending to meet her. He was promptly booked on trespassing charges and remains in custody.

Who says romance is dead? (And really, maybe he shouldn't have been dispatched so quickly -- this has the makings of a great song.)

But alas, TMZ spoke to the Westerly Police, who said there is a "zero tolerance policy" for trespassing, and that they already met with Taylor on the matter -- after she woke up, presumably.

Taylor hasn't released a statement, but we're guessing she knew he was trouble when he, uh, swam in.

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