Just three months after her engagement to Joshua Kushner, Karlie Kloss announced on Instagram on Thursday (Oct. 18) that she's now married, sharing a gorgeous picture of herself smiling with her husband. Details of Kloss' wedding guests haven't been revealed yet, so many fans were left wondering whether the model's good friend Taylor Swift was in attendance for the intimate ceremony. Unfortunately, Swift wasn't there.

Don't worry, the two aren't feuding as they were rumored to be a while back. Swift was busy playing a show in Australia on Friday (Oct. 19), so she had to miss out on Kloss' wedding to make the lengthy trip. On Thursday, Swift uploaded a selfie as her Instagram story, with text that reads "I missed you guys so much! Just flew 131,313 hours. Worth it. It is eleventy o clock in my brain. I am 80% taylor & 20% jet lag. Still Ready 4 it. Love you guys! Let's do this Perth.”

Swift hasn't congratulated the happy couple yet, but that doesn't mean their friendship's in trouble. During her Vogue "73 Questions" video, Kloss shot down rumors of there being any bad blood between them. "Don't worry, Taylor and I are still really good friends," assured the new Project Runway host.

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