Today is a huge day for Taylor Swift fans. First she dropped her new upbeat single 'Shake It Off,' and then she revealed the music video!

'Shake It Off' -- the song and the video -- is so fun it's impossible not to immediately love. Taylor explained the concept with a line that we pretty much all knew already: "All I think about are metaphors and cats," she admitted, to no one's surprise. She continued by saying she came up with a metaphor for the shoot. "Life itself and who people actually are can be greatly reflected in how people dance ... I don't mean how good you are, but your willingness to dance."

Taylor has always been willing to dance when most others aren't. (Awards shows, anyone?) Her new vid shows just how fearless she is with her moves! The blonde plays a variety of dancer roles, from a ballerina to a hip-hop dancer, from a cheerleader to a ribbon dancer. She conquers them all -- and looks impossibly cute while doing so!

Check out all of Taylor's dance moves in 'Shake It Off' above

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