On New Year's Day Taylor Swift posted a gallery of photos from her NYE party on Instagram, and aside from being insanely jealous about the star-studded affair that was attended by the likes of Gigi HadidBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, we think the pop star may have been hinting at something with her outfit.

"Mary Poppins, Audrey, Ariel, Ms. Frizzle, Cinderella, Gwen, Mr. Toad, Avril, Nancy Drew, Posh Spice, Rizzo, Frida Kahlo, Steve Irwin, Dorothy.." she captioned the photo gallery. "This new year we decided to dress up as our childhood heroes." T-Swift was dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and sleuthing Swifties were quick to make theories about her looming seventh album.

The costume, paired with two other mermaid-centric clothing items—a camo jacket she wore on a magazine cover that corresponded with the release of Reputation and a t-shirt she wore during the blooper reel of her recently released Reputation Stadium Tour concert film—have fans convinced TS7 is going to be mermaid themed. And they can't contain their excitement.

"So if Taylor’s dropping hints through mermaids, all I’m getting is this feeling that TS7 is going to go back to her roots with an romantic/love album- and I’m all about it," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"If @taylorswift13 drops a mermaid themed album based on their lore of being murderous and beautiful do YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I WOULD LIVE IT?!! THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL!!!" tweeted another.

Others took a more logical approach to connect the dots.

"the little mermaid came out in 1989, Taylor was born in 1989, One of her most successful albums is 1989, SHOOK" wrote a stunned Swiftie. "TS7 will have something to do with mermaids, why would she be in the end credits of in a mermaid shirt? End the rep era literally dressed as a mermaid for the next chapter... it’s Taylor Swift she plans this shit waaaaay in advance," wrote another.

Check out some of our favorite fan theories/reactions below.


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