You’ve seen the rumors about ‘Lorax’ co-stars Taylor Swift and Zac Efron finding love in the vocal booth. Soon, thanks to the hard-hitting investigative journalism her show has always been known for, Ellen DeGeneres could bring the world one step closer to finding out if ‘Zaylor’ is the adorably smushed together name of an actual adorable couple.

Swift and Efron are only making one stop together on the publicity tour for ‘The Lorax,’ opening March 2, and it’ll take place Feb. 21 on ‘Ellen.’ Since being spotted on a couple of dinner dates recently, the young superstar duo has become instant tabloid fodder, but neither of them have spilled the beans about whether they’re anything more than friends.

Of course, even if Taylor and Zac end up denying they’re in a relationship, that won’t stop fans from trying to decode references to him in her eagerly anticipated upcoming album — that is, when they aren’t trying to figure out which lines were inspired by her Jake Gyllenhaal heartbreak.

Either way, you’ll want to tune into ‘Ellen’ on Feb. 21 — if nothing else, they should have some good stories about their experiences helping bring a Dr. Seuss classic to the big screen, right?

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